Developing Bulgarian and EU Markets

Bulgarian Market

For the last decade Bulgaria, as part of EC, has been a preferred destination for many foreign companies. With its highly ranked professionals and its low wages, Bulgaria has become a major outsourcing centre for many EU, UK and American companies. Industries of all kind has found a wonderful place to outsource their production, front and back-office operations.

The favourable tax rate – only 10% flat corporate tax rate – has further attracted investors to use Bulgaria for hosting their head quarters.

For foreign companies willing to penetrate Bulgarian market, we could provide detailed consultations on the best possible ways to do that, aligned with the local market conditions.



EU Common Market


Our analysis has shown that many SMEs find challenging the development of foreign markets. In our case, many Bulgarian SMEs have troubles to develop the common EU market. This is really pity, because since 2007 Bulgarian business has at its disposal the entire EU common market, a fact, that apparently very few Bulgarian SMEs realise. The truth is that Bulgarian companies are free to expand this market. This is a huge market with 500 million of educated consumers, very well financially leveraged. This is a market many non-EU companies dream to enter in.

There is a catch, however, as the EU market actually represents the markets of 28 different countries, any one of which with its own trade regulations. Nevertheless, Bulgarians are allowed to get to this market and there are many instruments available for this expansion.

We can help your company strategically reach any of the EU members’ markets. We can help you reach this 500 million market and sell there your product or your service.