Financing Opportunities with EU Funds

EU Financing


EU funds represent a great opportunity to partly or fully finance your business idea. With EU funds you can acquire all type of investments – debt financing, through different commercial loans, grant financing through different EU programmes and equity financing through European Investment Fund (EIF) which invests in different high risk funds across Europe.

We can prepare a holistic investment strategy for your company, based on your investment plans and according the financial instruments cited above. 


EU Project Proposals


The first step to apply for EU grant or loan is to submit a project proposal. EU projects proposals need to be prepared in a specific way, so they could be easily approved by the controlling body. For any project there is a special assessment grid, according to which the projects are later ranked. The representation of the project information is crucial for projects to get approved and to take higher ranks. Our specialists are well recognised professionals in this area and their projects have high acceptance rate.

We can prepare a balanced project proposal for your project, so your chances for approval are the highest possible.


EU Projects Management


Once the project proposal has been approved, the execution of the project itself needs to be carefully managed. This is important, because for Bulgaria the project grants are usually supplied to the beneficiary two or three years after the project beginning. The project normally is performed by the beneficiary with his/her own or acquired capital (by bank loans) and only after a EU fund commission confirms that all expenses are acceptable, the beneficiary is funded. However, if the beneficiary has spent some sums on unacceptable expenses, they would not be reimbursed by the EU programme. The management of the EU project matters.

We can manage your EU projects for you. In our team we have experienced project managers who can reduce to the minimum the unapproved expenses.


Equity financing


Equity financing is an exciting way to fund your idea. It is usually provided on the early stages of company development. There are funds that finance start-ups and there are funds that finance the next rounds of the start-up. All of these funds are funded (to a large extent) by the European Investment Fund. The funds provide business education and other business support, provide up to 200,000 Euro capital and take in exchange up to 30% of your company.

We can shape your idea in the appropriate way, so it could be approved by the risk funds for investment.