Are you tired to work for someone else? Are you fed up with the corporate intrigues at your work place? Do you think you have a great idea that is unique? Do you think you have found a free niche giving you great new opportunities? Do you think you have a new product that could change the world?

If you answer is yes to any of the questions above, you should become an entrepreneur right now. The thing is that being an entrepreneur is not quite easy, although entrepreneurs look plenty of free time. There are strict rules that need to be followed and on any step of this exciting road you’ll have to make choices, which often are the key of your success.

We can help you with any step you undertake to the road of entrepreneurship. We have developed a framework that gives you a holistic view of the whole process and incredibly increases your chances of success. You can find more information on the framework here.

How can we be of use?


More specifically, we can help you with:

  • Validating the idea

The idea is fundamental for the success of any undertaking. Good idea means success. Bad idea means inevitable failure.

  • Validating/advising on your team

The team is another fundamental factor for success. The team members have to compliment each other, both as competencies and characters.

  • Determining the market

Having determined the right market for your product is another key success factor. Business strategy is heavily involved here, as it will become clear in the next point.

  • Choosing the right strategy

Strategy is the alpha and the omega of any business success. It starts with the idea, goes through the entire framework and ends with the financing.

  • Choosing amongst different financing sources

To realise your idea, you need money. For the last 10 years the opportunities for financing have become literally countless. Funny enough, as to the current moment, a huge lot of people think the only possible way of financing is the debt financing. In fact, there are two more ways and these are the grant financing and the equity financing. With the grant financing companies get grants for some of their ideas and with the equity financing companies get cash in exchange of some of their equity. Both schemes have countless variations.

We have rich experience with all of the above. Call us and you’ll get precious advice on the most critical parts of your business undertaking.


Finally, we could prepare a business plan for your business. Business plans are an important part of any capital acquisition process. Apart of this, they are a wonderful way for entrepreneurs to clear out in their heads the entire process of launching of the new product. Business plans are an important tool for sticking to the business discipline and follow the business aims.

Our professionals are experienced business plan writer. We can prepare a business plan tailored to your specific case.