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Our core activity is the Business strategy. We can provide advice in any area of it


Business strategy is in the core of any successful company. Although this concept is wide spread, it is quite often largely misunderstood.



Strategy shapes the company by determining its very existence. It gives an aim to the firm and helps focusing all company’s efforts to achieving this aim. Just like people, a company without an aim is doomed to failure. Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” claims that only 1.5% of people around the world have a clear goal in life. It is likely that this percentage is even smaller in the world of business.

We can help you being one of these 1.5% successful companies with a business aim.  

Strategic Positioning

Business Strategy has many dimensions.Strategy Chess

First, a company needs to assess its products and its core competencies and capabilities, compared to its competitors and their products. Based on this assessment, a company can determine its position in the business environment and choose the best competitive strategy. Choosing the wrong market position and the wrong competitive strategy would inevitably lead to business failure over the long run.


We can help you make this assessment and find the best positioning for your company in your business realm.


Corporate Strategy


The corporate strategy reflects the raison-d’etre of a company. It is expressed in the mission and the vision of the company. Mission and vision are usually short statements that are based on core competencies of a firm and represent everything that the company wants to achieve as well as the way it intends to follow in achieving these goals.


The mission is brief statement as to why the company exists.


The Vision is again a short sentence as to how the company sees the world, that is, how it wants to change it.


Although you can see the word “corporate” here, any company, even the sole proprietors, must have such a strategy. Mission gives direction and a company without direction simply goes nowhere.

Multiple layers of strategy and strategy communication


Communicating the strategy in small, “flat” companies is relatively easy. In multilayer corporations, however, this is often a challenge. That is why the strategy needs to be divided on different layers along the different corporate levels. Every lower level needs more detailed strategy, though all levels strategies need to be aligned with the mission statement of the company and its vision.


We can help you design the right corporate strategy for your company based on your core capabilities and implement this strategy throughout your organisation.


Organisational analysis


Quite often existing organisations have unaligned, incomplete, wrong, or totally missing strategies. Based on the above, a new, suitable strategy could be designed, implemented and communicated with the staff. For this to be done, a careful organisational analysis is needed, along with assessment of business environment. Such an operation is extremely challenging, as many of the employees would resist such a change as people are prone not to move from their comfort zone. In such situations, it is very important the reasons for the change to be carefully communicated with the personnel, so every one understands the necessity of that change.

We are experienced and skilled enough to perform such an organisational and environmental analysis and to introduce the change in your company’s business strategy.

Non-holistic solutions


Sometimes, companies don’t need holistic solutions for their problems. That is why we can provide different partial solution for specific problems.

We can provide on demand the following partial researches:

  • Specific market analyses
  • Specific market researches
  • Help and advise specific new market penetrations and expansions


Other Business Strategy Services


Finally, we can provide on demand any other business strategy service, not included in the above list. We will supply to you a tailored service, according to your personal needs.


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